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Think for yourself

DionDon1144 Uploaded a Video on Mar 3, 2008

“What follows in this video and the one that will be posted shortly hereafter comes from a May 1983 Broadcast of Crossfire in which Congressman Larry McDonald takes on Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden.

They wrangle over the John Birch Society, the CFR, the CIA and the NWO. Congressman McDonald had just been named as Chairman of the staunchly conservative John Birch Society.

It is interesting to note that three months after laying out the strong links between the CFR, the UN and the CIA, as well as Soviet Russia in this broadcast, Congressman McDonald was killed in the Russian shootdown of Korean Airlines flight 007 over international waters.

What is more interesting to note is that now, 25 years later, we can plainly see that he was completely justified in calling what he saw a conspiracy, and that the conspiracy has achieved most of its aims without opposition from the American people.

We need to vote for Congressman Ron Paul. It is imperative that we get a true conservative into the White House and even more important that we fill congress with more like him.

My sole comment beyond this is that people get the government they deserve. So, America, what kind of government DO we deserve? Who will you vote for into offices this year and what will they bring to us?

Watch this video and the one I will post shortly hereafter and judge for yourself.”

WAtch Part 2 Here:



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